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I understand that this training is to add to my skillset to build my dōTERRA business and in no way is a guarantee of my success in dōTERRA. 

Each individual’s success depends on his or her desire, dedication, marketing background, market place, product, service, effort and motivation to work and follow programs and advice. There is no guarantee you will duplicate any of the results stated here.

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The Fundamentals

Congratulations and Welcome!

Hey there, my name is Keeli and I am so excited to officially welcome you inside The Fundamentals. This course is going to be so much fun, and my friend I just want to let you know, you are in the right place!

I am so excited you are here and are ready to learn all about how to build a dōTERRA business. 

I want to go over a few things before we dive into the content. So that you know how this course works, the best way to work through the content, the best place to get support if you need it. 

Lets have a little heart moment. Truly, I am so excited and grateful that you took a chance on your life and on your business and took this complete leap of faith and signed up for this course. I know this course was an investment for you, and I want you to know that as your teacher and instructor and mentor that I don’t take that lightly in the least. That is why creating this course I wanted it to be jam packed full of valuable resources, content and tutorials on how implementing a my top tips can set you up for success on building a thriving dōTERRA Business.

This is a self paced, 12 training program so I want to encourage you to take your time with this course. This is not a race and you have lifetime access to this course, so you can dive in deep or take it one bite at a time.

Each training module is roughly 60 minutes long and comes with corresponding workbook that you can download, print and take notes as you follow along.

1. Preparing for Your Business
2. Networking and Effective Inviting
3. Presenting What You Love
4. Enrolling Successfully
5. Supporting your New Members
6. Placement Strategy
7. Finding Your Builders
8. Comp Plan Explained
9. Overcoming Objections
10. Social Media 
11. The True Work 
12. Closing Q&A

Once you register, you will immediately get a link to the course. Bookmark the webpage for easy access to continue to come back to, grab a cuppa tea (or coffee) and your notebook and let's dive in! 

For any support needs, please email Support@KeeliMartinez.com


What People Are Saying:

“This course was incredible! Keeli took great care to prepare thorough, comprehensive and valuable course content. I have learned so much in watching each video and working through the corresponding workbooks. She provides you with concrete, doable actions to help you grow your business regardless of the rank you are at. Truly worth it! Thank you so so much, Keeli for your generosity in sharing your knowledge across teams! ”

Patricia Mongillo, Toronto, Canada

“An excellent heartfelt training package for beginners through to those established. Very practical, no BS, but thorough. Keeli has a knack for delivery some hard home truths without damaging people's confidence. Having lifetime access is incredibly generous and allows repeat listening as much as needed. Well done. The effort and love put into this is abundant. 🙏”

Nancy Milligan / Elite

“The last 6 weeks have been an over abundance of information that has stirred & encouraged me to keep pushing forward with my dōTERRA business. All the information was laid out so well, easy to follow and so much more than what I thought I’d get. Keeli leads from her heart and it shows. It was like hooking up to a fire hose for help that was desperately needed. 1000% suggest opting in to this course. She is pure gold in what she brings to the table. 💗”

Amy Collins

“I learned a lot. She makes things very easy to understand and explains very clearly. Best investment I made for my business!”

Sharis Amirian/ Premier

“Keeli is truly the real deal!! She is really here to support you and give you all the tips on how to make your company as successful as you want it to be. She gives you the tools to go out and conquer your fears. Following these trainings will give you the first steps at understanding the company and giving you the resource to seek more information. I would suggest this training to everyone who is starting out a Doterra business or even just creating an Multilevel marketing company. You will truly learn so much!! ”

Megan Jutras / Consultant

“This course was amazing and so inspiring! Literally a game changer for me and I’m sharing the nuggets I received with the rest of my team! I’m so glad I decided to do this! ”


“I am completely blown away with Keeli’s training in this program. From the video’s, to the beautiful workbooks and all the details throughout the course. I feel this is the perfect step by step fundamentals in launching a dōTERRA career. ♥️”

Marlyce Cartie /Silver Wellness Advocate

“As a higher level leader I questioned whether I would gain value, but Keelis messaging has always resonated with me so right in it. So happy I did , she put together such an amazing clear, concise and easy to follow launch program. I cannot wait to walk my team through it 💙 Thank you Keeli xoxo”

Lindsey G- Blue Diamond

“As a new advocate this course has been incredibly beneficial. With Keeli’s knowledge and expertise I feel like I have a good handle on what I need to do to grow my business. And not just in one area but in a very well rounded aspect. I know as I grow in this company being able to reflect back on the handouts and videos will be a priceless tool. Keeli I deeply appreciate all you have poured into this course and us. You empower so many throughout this business. Thank you for providing such valuable resources. ”

Amanda Brown

“Keeli, this was just what I was looking for and haven’t found quite yet. You left no detail untouched, while making this extremely simple to follow. The workbooks are beautiful and this is now my onboarding process. Several of my team have bought the program in the last week on my recommendation. I’ve offered a 50% reimbursement to them if they rank up one rank in the next 3 months. They are all in love already! Thank you for sharing your process with us. It’s pretty perfect. ”

Missy Precourt, Diamond