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I’ve collaborated with Dana Moore + Ange Peters (both Presidential Diamonds) to offer you this
New 3 month GROWTH LAB running August —> October 2019

This is an opportunity for you if you are feeling pulled to go to your next level and you want the accountability + structure to get there. This is YOUR time to dedicate time, energy, focus and skill to your business in a way you haven’t before. This is open to anyone on the Essentially Obsessed team that meets the requirements (as listed in the form below) and is willing to do the work even when they feel stretched.

This is not a launch program, but rather a program for someone who is ready to be all in.
Someone who already knows that dōTERRA is their way forward and they are ready for accelerated success.
We have created a space for you to get real about your goals and create big momentum through a 3 month period.


The Details

You will have access to a private Growth Lab Facebook Group & a biweekly Monday night coaching session with us on Zoom where we will share strategies, best practices and answer your questions!

This will be a ‘no excuses’ space:
We have setup accountability components throughout the program because we know how helpful that is when you are growing to your next level. To help you stay accountable to your goals, we are requiring a $79 investment and will return it to you once you complete the growth lab. 
If the requirements are not met each week, you will no longer have access to the lab
and your $79 will be donated to Healing Hands.

We will have a short check-in form you to complete each week by Sunday night.

You will need to attend our Monday night Zoom Coaching Session which are scheduled at
6pm PST | 8pm CST | 9pm EST as follows:
August 5 + 19th
Sept 3* + 16th
Oct 7 + 21st
Nov 4th: Recognition + Wrap Up
*Note the 3rd is a Tues to recognize the Labor Day holiday
📹 If you can’t attend live - you must watch the recording within 24hrs

You will teach at least 3 x classes or 1:1’s
and will enroll at least 3 people with a minimum 100pv order.
👉 Note: We have timed this program to run alongside of the Fall 2019 Diamond Club program.
We highly suggest you connect with a Diamond Clubber to come out to your classes since they will be on the road!

You will need to dedicate approx 10 hours each week for the growth lab requirements
(that includes the zoom session, weekly form, teaching a class and enrolling)

The Next Step:

Okay, are you ready?
There are 5 steps to complete below, beginning with the form …


Name *
Date *
Did you enroll at least 2 people last month or this month?
Find this on your Dashboard > 'My Volume' in the left panel
How many hours each week do you plan to invest to grow your business? *
In this 3 month GROWTH LAB, can you commit to the following: *

2️⃣ PAYPAL THE $79:
Please put your full name + your WA # in the notes section of the Paypal transaction
💸 Your investment will be held in a trust and paid back to you after completing the growth lab!
If you don’t complete the lab, your $79 will be donated to the Healing Hands Foundation



To come into the Growth Lab feeling prepared and ready for your next level,
I would like you to go through the UNITS in The Fundamentals Facebook Group.
The UNITS are organized to take you through the various tools for launching your business.


✔️ A reminder to send your weekly check in form every weekend
✔️ The Zoom Coaching Session date + times I gave you above.
✔️ At least 3 x classes or 1:1 teaching opportunities each month
✔️ Block off doTERRA time each day for preparing, inviting, presenting, enrolling, supporting (PIPES)


Click Here to join.
Answer the 3 questions that pop up when you request to join

We’re so excited to welcome you to the Growth Lab in kick off Zoom Session on August 5, 2019!

If you’ve completed the form and sent the $79 through paypal, you will get a welcome email shortly.
Until then, say hello under the welcome thread in our Facebook Group.