Hey babe! I’m Keeli. You may know me as the creator of Essentially Obsessed, and I have the BEST job in the world. I teach amazing women how to care for themselves and their family through the power of essential oils, and the opportunity to create true time and financial freedom through dōTERRA. When you choose to work with me to uplevel your health or radically change your financial situation and create time freedom for your life, my goal is to leave you confidently empowered to take control for yourself.

My mission is to show you how simple it is to make small decisions that will have a big impact on their overall physical and financial health. 

If you are sitting there wondering, “why should I follow this woman”, I was where you are. I am a mother and wife. I worked in the corporate world. I never thought I would be where I am today.

Yet, when my oldest daughter was a few months old she kept coming down with a cold, and as a new mom I was searching for a natural way to support her little body. I was introduced to dōTERRA and brought these little oil bottles into my home. I was completely skeptical, but as soon as I used Breathe and Frankincense on my baby and saw instant relief for her I knew I found something that was not only safe and pure, but truly effective. 

Seeing as how there is an unspoken mom code I knew I had to share with my friends what I had discovered. That decision to show up and share with others has rippled out to over 15k people now having oils in their homes, hundreds of women earning an income and truly having the time freedom that most people dream of. 

My goal is to show you what it feels like to be truly alive. Making conscious choices everyday that lead you to living YOUR best life. Every opportunity that comes into your life is for a reason and a purpose, and through being around me you start to see that life truly is working out FOR you and your greater good.


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