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Let me guess, there is a curiosity that is starting to flicker deep down. You are starting to wonder if there is actually something to these essential oils you have seemingly stumbled upon?

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business building courses

Have you been spinning your wheels wondering what works while building your doTERRA business? Perhaps you have no active upline supporting you and you are looking to get after your dream yourself. 

I have the proven courses to help you.


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Are you ready to build a thriving doTERRA business? Do you want support that lasts? Perhaps you know that you want to build a doTERRA business and work directly on my team.

Work with me, I can't wait to get you started.


"Changing habits is hard, uncomfortable, even painful in some situations. But here’s the thing, your life, your health, your body is a CHOICE.



-Keeli Martinez




"You have really helped me with every step of this business!! You broke it down to all of us so perfectly and I will be forever grateful!! I love having all your trainings to re-watch when I need a refresher, your wisdom goes such a long way!! I am a mother of 3 children too (6 &5 years and 3 months old), I am trying to stay strong and consistent. I know the areas that I need to work on but struggle with time as my newborn needs me constantly and I have very little help! Never give up right my persistence and growth with come with every day that I give it everything I’ve got!! "


" As a higher level leader I questioned whether I would gain value, but Keeli's messaging has always resonated with me so right in it. So happy I did , she put together such an amazing clear, concise and easy to follow launch program. I cannot wait to walk my team through it 💙 Thank you Keeli xoxo "

Lindsay G.
Blue Diamond

""I've been with doTERRA for almost 5 years now, and after seeing Keeli online for awhile I felt taking her course would benefit me greatly. What I didn't realize before signing up is that this course would change me in so many ways. Keeli teaches from a place of integrity, kindness, and expertise. The value is insane. She could easily charge so much more, but she didn't because she practices what she teaches. The Fundamentals course is an invaluable training that anyone in doTERRA should take. I plan to refer all my new builders to this training, and I cannot wait to check back in when I need refreshers! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! " "

Creshea H.

" This training was incredible. I have been with doterra for 4 years and have struggled to complete my own "system". With Keeli's guidance, confidence and skills it gave me the courage to create an on-boarding system that feels amazing! I am eternally grateful! "

Ashley C.

" "This an amazing course for anyone who is a wellness advocate with dōterra. It is great for all ranks whether you are just starting out or are leading a team. If Dōterra was holding a program offering all the information you need in order to become and succeed at being a Wellness Advocate and a leader, this is the COURSE!! Look no further. I loved it because unlike a lot of coaches/mentors, Keeli is a mentor who actually is a WA for Dōterra. This will give you the fundamentals to get started as a WA, to grow your business, to lead a team, to get motivated, to understand the compensation and all the THINGS you need to GROW! This is AMAZING information you will have access to for LIFE. This is great because I am watching these lives for the second time and gaining more information I missed the first time ♥️So so so much goodness♥️ Thank you 🙏 Keeli" "

Christine K.

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